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Our team

What we do?

BRP can best be characterized as a multi-dimensional, globally networked, expertise-driven consulting firm identifying existing and emerging challenges, with a focus on applying inter and intra cooperation opportunities to maximize mutual benefits. We work with all levels of public organizations, international development institutions and private businesses strictly adhering highest standards of transparency and corporate responsibility, the international companies utilize in management and operational procedures and corporate standards maintained throughout their supply chains. BRP provides best in class internationally recognized and commercially delivered consulting services with pragmatic policy, collaborative engagement, and client-focused approaches, which are fully recognized by our clients locally and internationally. We highly consider gender and climate change, focusing on innovation towards low-carbon pathways, the foremost global goal.

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Get to Know Us

     Our name embodies the fusion of traditional and modern nomadic cultures, and the development paths of urban and rural areas, reflecting the collaboration between generations of Mongolians from the past, present, and future, as they work together to move forward.

 Our team 

Experts and Consultants

Since our steps into the Mongolian business consulting market since 2014, BRP has been working together with more than 200 (fe)male=(wo)man=(s)he commonly purposed, ethical, competitive, and motivated national and international experts and consultants considering them as crucial members of BRP. We always meet in the conference room, brainstorm in groups, have coffee-room and hallway conversations by following our green office rule. We work together in proximity, not from faraway distances online. The worldview of work serves us well, where we work, when we will work, how we will work and who will work with.

BRP and its team is one of most gender oriented consulting firm in Mongolia

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