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Image by Nicholas Swanson

Our People

BlackRock Partners LLC | Bridge expertise

Our Leadership Team: 

-SURAKHBAYAR Galsan, LL.M, Managing Director

-ULZIIBAYAR Bayarsaikhan, BA, Principal Advisor

-ZUL Sabikhan, BA, Director, Operation and Client Relations

-ODGEREL Dalkhjav, MSc, Director, Sector Development

-PUNSALMAA Batchuluun, MBA, Manager, Admin and Project management

Our Sector Leaders:

-ANARMAA Sharkhuu, Ph.D., Environment, Natural Resource and Climate Change

-SOLONGO Sharkhuu, Social Development and Gender Equality

-LKHAMSUREN Baasan, LL.M, Policy and Governance

-NANDINTUYA Chimedtseren, MBA, Economic Growth and Impact Investment

Our leadership team and sector leaders' bios are currently under development and be updated soon. Please visit again.

Let us ensure the gender equality!

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