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Feasibility Study of the Climate Smart Meat Processing Plant

Updated: May 22, 2023

The BlackRock Partners LLC is conducting the feasibility study of the biosecurity facility integrated meat processing plant for Jargalant Makh Impex LLC. The bankable feasibility study will promote the sustainable livestock management and export-oriented meat products. This project will be a pilot project for the private sector, increase the competitiveness of the Mongolian meat products and contribute to enabling environment for the meat exporters. The project will collaborate with local government and international projects and organizations to enhance the fruitfulness of the feasibility study and incorporate local and international good and best practices on biosecurity facility, slaughterhouse and meat processing plant, mainstreaming social and gender aspects and integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. For more information, please visit Project: Feasibility Studies for Climate smart biosecurity facility Integrated Meat Processing Plant (

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