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Paris Agreement: NDCs of Mongolia

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Mongolia, a party to the Paris Agreement, since 2015, the country was updated its NDCs to the UNFCCC in 2019, the Government is working on to develop the action plans for each sectors under the NDCs. The NDCs targets were raised from the initial commitment of 14% to 22% by 2030, including mitigation sectors of energy, construction, transportation, agriculture, industry and waste.

BRP's experts were able to participate for the construction sector's action plan development task through its affiliated organization, the R&D center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development NGO, since December, 2020.

The development of Construction sector's action plan had have a few challenges, however, the sector is optimistic to finalize and implement the new action plans.

It is important to note that Mongolia needs to build political will and societal ownership at national and sub national level in order to transformation and implementation of the construction sector's NDCs and action plan, especially on the following issues:

- Improve national GHG inventory methodology and data collection in the transport sector;

- Set up national monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system in the construction and transport sectors;

- Conduct cost-benefit analysis and assess financial needs for key mitigation actions in the transport and construction sectors; and

- Enhance capacities of national stakeholders to access climate finance.

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