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Strengthening natural resource governance: SESMIM Project

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Contribution of BRP’s expertise to Global Affairs Canada funded the “Strengthening Extractive Sector Management in Mongolia” (SESMIM) project (2015-2020, 8.4 million Canadian dollars) implemented by Alinea International Ltd (formerly Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd) at Mongolian Ministries of Mining and Heavy Industry, Environment and Tourism, and Finance, and their agencies was enormous, which was started from designing of the project proposal back in 2014, conducting inception workshops with stakeholders in 2015, identification of project’s thematic activities, pilot provinces, and CSOs for collaboration, and continued on project implementation and end-of-project monitoring of the results, expense vs. budget, applying remote working approach during COVID-19 period (SESMIM project reached total of 4,322 participants, of which, 44% were female, from more than 56 organizations in Canada and Mongolia, including Parliament, Ministries, Agencies, Provinces, Soums, Companies and NGOs.

By thematic area, the numbers of training and events were: Strategic Revenue Management (41); Mine license Governance (48); Environmental Management (62); Integrated Cadastre (21); Gender in Mining (10); Climate change in Mining (15); and, knowledge platform and project management (12). Total participation in each of the thematic areas was: Strategic revenue management 736 (479 F/257 M); Mine license Governance 1,471 (456 F/1,015 M); Environmental Management 978 (402 F/576 M); cadastre 241 (70 F/171 M); Gender in Mining 306 (244 F/62 M); Climate change in Mining 286 (149 F/137 M); and, KP and project management 304 (109 F/195 M)).

BRP was also acted as coordinator liaising with related government bodies and other stakeholders including assessing current legal and technical environment, determining results with government decision makers, and working in the official working groups to draft relevant regulations by arranging numbers of stakeholder and citizen consultations for creating and institutionalization of evidence based and participatory policy making, as well as contribution to making all available information, policy documents, reports, knowledge products and reference materials.

BRP’s experts completed numerous tasks including policy research, baseline study and gap analyses with policy recommendations for each thematic areas of above project – strategic revenue management, mine governance, environmental management, cadaster and cross-cutting themes – gender and climate change in mining.

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